EEPROM: undocumented method

I have recently found out about the EEPROM.length() method, that returns the byte size of the EEPROM. However, this is completely undocumented on the official documentation page. I wonder what else is missing there, in general...

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What made you think that your post had anything to do with the Arduino Website and forum ?

I make it a habit to look at the source code of all libraries when I use them for the first time. It is the ultimate documentation.

probably best to just refer to the github library for it instead! :wink:

This documentation deficiency was reported a couple years ago here:

Related discussion here:

My post is not related to the forum, but it certainly is related to the website, since I was referring to the official documentation on Isn't that the mother website of this very forum?

It is not a programming question either, since I wasn't asking anything about programming: just reporting an issue with the docs.

Apart from "Programming Questions" and maybe "The Bar", the forum categories have always eluded me.

Good point; that is precisely what I did.

Me too. I have always felt that there were too many categories and often it is not easy to know where to post or where to move a topic too.

I apologise for the tone of my reply when I moved the topic

You can move your topics yourself; just click the big black pencil next to the title in the open topic, select the category from the dropdown and click the image

In this case, I don't think that moderators will object if you move it back :wink:

No problem for me

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