EEPROM with Blynk

i could not apply EEPROM to my Blynk code.
when i tried it just made thing worst can someone help me that will be great.
i want to save the led state even if there is a power outage
shastom=led just for you to know

#include <SPI.h>
#include <Ethernet.h>
#include <BlynkSimpleEthernet.h>

char auth = " d12bdb51cbf4453b85675aad7e123ba2";
WidgetLED shastom(V1);
WidgetLED shastom1(V1);
WidgetLED shastom2(V1);
WidgetLED shastom3(V1);
WidgetLED shastom4(V1);
WidgetLED shastom5(V1);
WidgetLED shastom6(V1);
WidgetLED shastom7(V1);

void setup() {

pinMode (2,OUTPUT);
pinMode (3,OUTPUT);
pinMode (4,OUTPUT);
pinMode (5,OUTPUT);
pinMode (6,OUTPUT);
pinMode (7,OUTPUT);
pinMode (8,OUTPUT);
pinMode (9,OUTPUT);


void loop() {;

shastomim.ino.ino (604 Bytes)

I am familiar with Blynk, but to me your code makes no sense. You have 8 led widgets on your app but they are all controlled by the same virtual pin. I don’t know what that will do. You have made 8 Arduino pins outputs, but then you do nothing with them.

So the are no states to save to EEPROM.

I think you are trying to run before you can walk. Go back to basics.

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when i tried it

What did you try? Post your best attempt at it.

it just made thing worst

Please describe exactly what happened.