I need that when I connect the esp it prints what is recorded in memory, in the case in void setup (), what I had tried was printing a data not compatible with what was in EEPROM memory.

GET /: ola HTTP/1.1TP/1.12:05:477

DSS.ino (7.21 KB)

Please provide a more clear explanation of what the problem you're encountering is.

You need to understand that the esp8266's "EEPROM" works differently than the standard Arduino AVR Boards EEPROM library. The data you write to "EEPROM" is actually stored in SRAM until you call EEPROM.commit() or EEPROM.end(). For more information see:

I've had a quick look at your code but I also have difficulty understanding what you want to achieve. In the function webpage(), you are analysing the data passed from the web browser back to the web server, in this case a GET request, storing it (for some reason which is not very clear) in the EEPROM, then immediately printing it out to the console prefixed with the label: SSID (although it has nothing to do with an SSID, which is the identity of the wireless network).

Is it your intention to use the EEPROM for storing permanently configuration information like the WLAN Networkname, password etc. ?