EETOOLS Top Max I vs EETOOLS Top Max II - Work Around needed

Good Morning Everybody, so I'm doing a project with my friend. My friend follows the project from the Circuit stand-point and me from the software stand-point.

Now we are using: Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega 2560. Of course we are using Arduino for the Prototype, but after when the project will be finished we would like to use a Universal Programmer and Burn directly "FileName.cpp.hex" with Eetools Top Max Programmer.

And here there is the issues. My Friend has "Eetools Top Max I", we have did the software upgrade available here:

Talking with Eetools Guy's we have discovered that is not possible burn ATMEGA328PU and ATMEGA256016Au with EETools Top Max I but only with new one EETOOLS Top Max II that Cost 700 $ .

Then buy another eetools will cost to much into our cost project ... do you have some other idea for to do that ?

Thanks for the support, Gnux