egg grader

Hello. I try to make egg grader,
I have a simple code I created, but I want it to work differently… maybe with “case” and i want to count the circles with H206 sensor.
my code is this:

#include <Wire.h> 

#include "HX711.h"

HX711 scale(3,2);
HX711 scale2(5,4);
HX711 scale3(7,6);
HX711 scale4(9,8);

float calibration_factor = -5990; 
float units1;
float units2;
float units3;
float units4;

#include "Servo.h"
Servo Servosmall;
Servo Servomedium;
Servo Servolarge;
Servo Servoxlarge;

int pos = 0;    
int pos2=80;
int small= 53;
int medium=63;
int large=73;
int xlarge=83;

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:

  scale.tare();  //Reset the scale to 0

  scale2.tare();  //Reset the scale to 0

  scale3.tare();  //Reset the scale to 0

   scale4.tare();  //Reset the scale to 0



void loop() {
scale.set_scale(calibration_factor); //Adjust to this calibration factor
  scale2.set_scale(calibration_factor); //Adjust to this calibration factor
  scale3.set_scale(calibration_factor); //Adjust to this calibration factor
  scale4.set_scale(calibration_factor); //Adjust to this calibration factor
 Serial.print("scale 1: ");
  units1 = scale.get_units(), 50;
  if (units1 < 0) {units1 = 0.00; }
  Serial.print(" gr\t"); 

  Serial.print("scale 2: ");
  units2 = scale2.get_units(), 50;
  if (units2 < 0) { units2 = 0.00;}
  Serial.print(" gr\t"); 

  Serial.print("scale 3: ");
  units3 = scale3.get_units(), 50;
  if (units3 < 0) { units3 = 0.00;}
  Serial.print(" gr\t"); 

  Serial.print("scale 4: ");
  units4 = scale4.get_units(), 50;
  if (units4 < 0) { units4 = 0.00;}
  Serial.print(" gr"); 

   if (units1 < small) { Servosmall.write(pos2);}
  else {Servosmall.write(pos);}
   if (units2 < medium) { Servomedium.write(pos2);}
  else {Servomedium.write(pos);}
   if (units3 < large) { Servolarge.write(pos2);}
  else {Servolarge.write(pos);}
   if (units4 < xlarge) { Servoxlarge.write(pos2);}
  else {Servoxlarge.write(pos);}

I want an egg to be a small one (0g-53g) my machine to make 4 rounds and then a servo to make 90 and return to 0.
when an egg is medium (53g-63g) my machine makes 3 rounds and then one servo makes 90 and returns to 0.
when an egg is large (63g-73g) my machine makes 2 rounds and then a servo to make 90 and return to 0. and end
when an egg is Xlarge (73g and up) my machine does 1 cycle and then a servo makes 90 and returns to 0

Do add comments to your code (the ones that are there are useless), too long to analyse what it's doing. It seems you also forgot to give a detailed description of what it does, and how it differs from what you want it to do.