Egg Incubator with hot water

Hello every one.

First, sorry for my poor English language.

I introduce you my last project. It’s a egg incubator with an automatic stirring system.

I didn’t choose the most efficient solutions but the most interesting for me. So I don’t use an old fridge for the enclosure or a UV lamp for heating like we can see usually.

There are 2 important things to do: heating and also “shaking” the eggs.

For the heating, I use water cooling elements (radiator and PWM 12V Fan), a pump and an 0.5L tank (in use for retain oil vapor for motor car) and some heating silicon elements.

So the principle : the water is heating in the tank by the heating elements and the pump circulates it in the radiator . The fan make the air/water exchange for heating the egg’s enclosure.
That’s the theory!

The 2nd point is the “shake” of the egg. Why is needed? Because birds do it to avoid malformations of the fetus (I’m not a real specialist, I read it on the web). So I made a half cylinder with PVC elements for gutters.

The movement is done by a stepper motor or a servo-motor (it’s not decided yet).

The enclosure is almost ready to work, the same for my electronic board.

I will begin the code soon. I have also a Processing interface with curves to see all parameters (very helpful for the settings of PID regulations).

Some pictures (in progress) :


List of components :
1 Arduino Uno
2 DS18B20
1 DHT22
2 Mosfet N
1 2-Relays board
1 RBG led for the status
1 LCD 20x4
I think it’s all .

Stay tuned !