eHealth Sensor Platform


Hey guys!

For my final project for my graduation I'm building a sensor platform over Arduino Uno. In order to get some help and keep you updated about the project's progress this post will be updated constantly.


-Obtain and display correctly all the data from the sensors
-Display the data obtained using the KST graphing software
-Send data over Wifi to display it on the web or on a mobile phone



-Pulsioximeter sensor not displaying the correct values:

This sensor does display the correct values most of the time, but sometimes doesnt display them, leaving a blank space or changing 0 for 8

(i.e.: in the display its showing 104 BPM but in the COM shows 184)

  • Not being able to send or receive any data over wifi:

I have my wifi module connected to my wifi at home, but i dont know how to make the web server to send or receive data. If anyone knows how to do this I'll appreciate any help





eHealth Libraries




I have my project divided on several arduino sketches, which I'll post here. Also I'll try to upload all my project somewhere so everyone cant download it and take a look at it.

If you guys know how to help me with this issues, or wanna make a suggestion or something, feel free to ask. Appreciate it!

Hello, may I know what is the status of your project?

Because I intend to use ehealth sensor platform + arduino and android apps.

Also may I know what IDE are you been using?