ehrernet sheild 1.1


I'm bought the arduino due and ehrernet sheild 1.1. I tried the examples and the card doesn't work.

I looked and found that I needed a new library. I downloded etherShield and ETHER_28J60 libraries.

After that, I still have a problem, I get the following error: C:\Users\vvv\Documents\Arduino\libraries\etherShield/ip_arp_udp_tcp.h:17: fatal error: avr/pgmspace.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated.

I looked in the internet and didn't found a solution.

Can anyone help me?

Can Anybody help on this topic? It is very urgent for me?


Buy a W5100 based Ethernet shield like below.

Thanks zoomkat.

the only problem I see is that I need to buy a new ethernet board and the new board is for UNO Mega.
I have Arduino Due!!!

Is there a solution to Ronen problem (such as mine)?