Eight digit, 7-segment counter with MAX 7219

I'm having issues with the MAX7219 paired with the Arduino.

My plan is to display an 8 digit "clock" of sorts. it can begin as (00:00:00:00), and count up as (HH:MM:SS:FF). HH=hours MM=minutes SS=seconds and FF=Frames. for frames, i would like the a sequence of 0 to 29, every second.

See this video for an example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcFvc31wD10

The pinout that comes from the board is as follows: CLK-> Arduino Pin 10 LOAD-> Arduino Pin 11 DIN-> Arduino Pin 12

I have an Arduino Uno, MAX7219 (Purchased here http://embedded-lab.com/blog/?p=6862)

Can someone assemble some code for me?