Elastomeric connector question

I have a 128x64 graphic LCD from sparkfun. I soldered a male pin-header connector to so I could use it for multiple projects via breadboard. It's more than a year old now, and recently one vertical line of pixels stopped working. I noticed that if I applied a little pressure on the frame of the LCD it worked fine. So I took the frame off and attempted to re-seat the elastomeric connector (mistake). Now I get random pixels all over the place. My question, is there some sort of adheasive used on the connector? I ask this because when I lifted the screen off of the connectors it seemed to be lightly glued to the PCB and the glass. Have I made a big mistake trying to re-seat the connector? Should I scrap the display and just buy another one?

Thanks for any advice, DigitalJohnson

I am guessing that the glue is on the side of the rubber, not between the rubber and the liquid crystal glass panel. I can't imagine there exists a glue that will selectively pass electricity. I bet if you push the rubber along its long direction by just a bit, you may be able to fix it.

There is not normally any ‘glue’ as such (well not on the ones I have taken apart). Due to the pressure applied, the rubber sticks to the two surfaces slightly.

On a graphic LCD, I’d say it might be tricky to get it to line up correctly again/get enough pressure on it.
The best thing you can do is keep trying - you’re not going to lose anything trying.

I'll keep messing with it. However, the more I take the frame off on on, the weaker the metal frame tabs become. Probably why there's not enough pressure to make a good connection now. Anyway, I've sent a 160x128 GLCD (sparkfun) to "mem" so he can port it to the GLCDv3 library. I think I'll wait and see how that's going and just buy another 160x128. They're really nice looking, large displays.

Thanks for the replies, DJ