electret microphone interfacing question

what amplifier circuits can be used to get a value from an electret microphone, im a bit of a noob and have now realised you cant just stick it in the analog input and ground

i just want be able to trip an led to a clap etc.

any help would be great

Here is link to a SparkFun mic/amp breakout board. The page has a link to the schematic drawing that shows how a microphone can interface with an Arduino analog input pin. A thing you may not notice is that the op amp has been biased to provide a +2.5vdc output when there in no audio signal. As an audio signal is AC it will add or subtract from that 2.5volt ‘resting’ value, and the gain of the amp would have to be set such that the total range stays within the 0 to +5vdc range of a analog input pin.


thanks for the reply, i have a few 4558D JRC opamps (i think), would i be able to use one of these in a similar type circuit?

i also have some 4580d