electret micrphone question

ok i got 2 of these electret microphones. http://www.knowles.com/search/prods_pdf/MD9745APZ-F.pdf

have a few questions if anyone could help me with would be great.

want to make some binaural headphones. Im slightly confused about the schematic on the datasheets for the electret mics.

whats confusing me is the components RL and C after the points terminal 1 and terminal 2. do I need external components?
what is the +vs for?

I was under the impression all i need to do is connect up the two terminals positive(T1) and ground(T2) (or this maybe the case?)

kind regards

Electret microphones require a power supply to operate. This is provided as a DC offset imposed over the signal connection.

The resistor is to limit the current of that power - typical value is around 2K? to 3K?.

The capacitor is used to block that DC offset and stop it getting in to your circuitry. The value chosen depends on both the frequency response you want and the impedence of your input. Typically I use a 22µF capacitor as it gives good enough response. A lower value capacitor will reduce low frequency response.

Think of the electret microphone as a variable resistor that changes with the pressure gradient. As SPLs increase, the resistance increases, drawing more current across it. As SPLs decrease, the resistance decreases reducing the pull-down current. Thus RL and the electret microphone are just a potential divider where RL sets the current drawn from the supply rail. For battery circuits i'd recommend increases RL as much as you can.

^^^^ is bang on about the output capacitor

The main raison R is needed for an electret microphone, inside there is a FET transistor without a resistor connected to Vcc.

Here some links : http://www.ask.com/wiki/Common_source and http://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/amplifier/amp_3.html and http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/worksheets/jfetamp.html and in this one, it is very close to an electret microphone --> [urlhttp://www.simplecircuitdiagram.com/2010/12/05/basic-fet-amplifier/][/url]

With a 2k load resistor a 4u7 capacitor will give a roll-off at 20Hz, lower than most cheap electrets frequency response.