Electric actuator Arduino - connect


I have question. How do I connect the actuator, please find below a snapshot of an open cylinder.

Also bought L298 controller, power supply I use the laptop should give advice 6 cylinders. Pre want to connect one actuator and see How the actuator driver.
actuator-controller L298- ATmega -power supply.


How can anyone know? That's a rather dark picture of a box with some wires.

Its not a part number, catalog entry or datasheet for a piece of equipment, which is
where you go to find out wiring details.

I’m sorry, It adds documentation.
Documentation in the appendix.

Super-Power-Jack_datasheet.pdf (97.9 KB)

Well the diagram doesn't match the unit. I think you are going to have to explore with a multimeter
and figure out what's connected to what...

I think the sensor is a 48-pulse per revolution one, but my Polish(?) is non-existent...