Electric Door Strike Power Supply


I’m using a 4 channel relay connected to my Arduino Uno. At first I didn’t understand it quite right but now I understand that the Arduino switches it on and off, but the power is supplied by an external power supply.
You could take out your wall outlet and connect the wires to the relay and switch them on and off with the relay, right?

The thing I’m trying to power is a 12v DC door strike. The Arduino can’t power this by itself so I’ll need my relay and an external power supply. The thing I’m wondering is: what power supply to use? I live in Europe so I need something with the european wall outlet. When I searched for it on eBay, I came across power supply with a round output connector, but what I need is just two wires, no? I can’t seem to find this anywhere and I wasn’t able to find any information online, could someone please explain this?

If you can show me an example, search for it on http://www.benl.ebay.be instead of the american eBay.

You’re really helping me out on this one, thanks!

What exactly is a "door strike"?

And I am confused when you say in one place " I'm trying to power is a 12v DC door strike" and in another place "I need something with the european wall outlet" because I assume the wall outlet is for mains voltage AC.

A diagram of what you are trying to do would probably be a big help.

I believe you can buy AC sockets that can be remote controlled and that may be the safest option.


What exactly is a "door strike"?

A strike plate is what the door latch bolt engages in. An electric release on the strike plate allows a
door to open without operating the lock on the door itself.