Electric Eel Wheel

The Electric Eel Wheel is a clever electric spinning wheel making it great for easily spinning the fiber of your choice into yarn! You can use a traditional wheel; however, there are many advantages of this electric wheel design. First of all, the Electric Eel Wheel is lighter and smaller than most spinning wheels making it easier to take your spinning with you.

This electric spinning wheel’s design is based on a Scotch tension design, so it is easy to vary the spin and weight of your yarn. You can easily adjust it to make fine lace yarn as well as softly spun bulky. Another nice feature of the speed control dial is that it can spin the bobbin forward or reverse. Most people in our testing lab appreciated the range of speed that this wheel offers.

I used the a custom motor controller board with the Arduino bootloader to handle motor controls. If you’re looking for a motor controller schematic you might want to check out my blog about this project. Hobby Robotics » Electric Eel Wheel

The hardware and software for this project are shared under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.