Electric Longboard

Hi everyone! It's a long time that I'm dreaming of making my longboard electric for practicing in programming boards but I have a lot of questions. I look for answer all along the web and in this forum but nothing was clear enought for me, so I'm making this new topic, aiming that maybe someone will use my same idea!

I want to use an Arduino UNO rev3 and a shield to read informations from two pressure sensors (like accelerator and brake pedals) and trasmit this information to a motor connected to the rear wheels of the longboard. So questions are:

  • What kind of shield should I have to buy? The Motor Shield or the Motor/Stepper/Servo shield?
  • Is it possible to read informations of the pressure sensors? I found a sensor for 50 euros that can hold 200 kilos weight!
  • I read that people have already made an electric skateboard using a 600w DC motor, is it possible to connect it directly to a shield?
  • Power supply: no doubts that Arduino and DC motor have to use two different power supplies, but is the shield able to handle enought amperage to power the DC motor?

I really want to make this idea come to reality and I didn't find someone that already did this, so with you help I want to write a guide step-by-step.

Think about all the possibilities that an electric longboard powered from Arduino can provide: - A GPS tracker, so once at home you are able to see your track - A NFC reader, so the longboard can be activated once your smartphone is near it and maybe it is possible to calibrate the Arduino depending on the smartphone! Everyone can have its own profile! - A fingerprint reader! Only the owner can drive the longboard - A bluetooth reader, so the owner can handle the longboard with his smartphone!

Guys, I hope that you can help me. I wish you all the best.