electric meter reading hack

hello friends hope every one is doing great

my uncle got his meter programmed by some one guy he open up meter install 3 things
1.Arduino Pro Mini ATMEGA328
2.HC-05 Bluetooth Module
3.and 12 volt circuit

the function of this update is you can change meter current reading with phone app
and the guy was also able to copy old meter serial no in new meter LCD because old meter was dead
i dont known how he did it might be same way like changing current reading just by giving diff ASCII command i want to known how i can connect this meter Arduino Pro Mini to pc for read the code it have for communication compatible with meter board
and meter is some how locked with only my uncle phone i test in my phone try same way and it looks same like every thing works meter resets after command but meter reading didnt changed i even try copy uncle phone Bluetooth mac to my rooted phone but still didn't works i want to known how its locked with only his phone

the code used for changing meter reading
example current reading is 300
121 249 00 40 00 01
hit w then enter this fast meter reboots with new reading 4000
if u want change it back to 300
121 249 00 03 00 01
thats how the ASCII codes works
the last digits are current meter reading but i dont known the first 6 digits for if some one known about this pm me maybe its hex or ASCII or what ever i try convert comes nothing

this w needs to send before reading code

if you hit R then it gives to meter eeprom data i dont understand much

old meter serial changed inside new meter LCD board and used old meter body

old reading before sending ASCII code

new current meter reading after sending ASCII code

video demonstration

if any one understand what i just showed in this long post and known how to read Arduino code etc kindly pm me this is not free help asking u will be paid accordingly to your help
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What you are asking is against the law in most countries around the world.
Arduino does not condone and I would guess ALLOW such hacks.

This thread LOCKED to allow it to sink away like wrecked ship in a storm.

In future please refrain from such posts.