Electric space heater wifi control (new to arduino)

Hey all.

First post here. I am new to arduino, so please bear with me.

I have a Dimplex Cadiz 3KW electric portable space heater (Amazon link)

I would like to know if it is possible to create an arduino based wifi controller for this heater. I would like to connect the board to the existing wiring inside the heater, as there is quite a bit of space behind the front cover, under the display and keypad.

The heater has a thermostat built in, so I can set it to a certain degree and it will stop when reaching that. Here is a preview of the UI:

I would like to have the ON/OFF button, as well as the UP, DOWN and the M buttons wifi controllable. Not really interested in the rest as, after 2 years of using the heater, I only used those buttons (the M button changes the side of the heater that get heated up).

Can someone please let me know if this is feasible. Would I be able to safely link the new hardware to the heater's current? Or make it work with a battery? Would I be able to turn the heater on/off?

Probably. The layout of the buttons doesn't tell us much. You'll need to analyse the circuit a bit more.

Probably. The layout of the buttons doesn't tell us much. You'll need to analyse the circuit a bit more.

what should I look for? what kind of info would be helpful?

For the "hardware hack", a relay is an electrically controlled switch so a relay wired across each switch is the "safest" way to go when you have unknown circuitry.

It might be easier to start-over with a "dumb" heater that has a regular-old mechanical power switch (there's usually also an uncalibrated temperature-control knob). A heater like that will come-on when you plug it back in after unplugging it or removing power, so you can control it by simply turning on & off the power.

If you can turn the heat on/off with a power relay you can build something fairly simple with the Arduino or something more advanced with a temperature sensor and an LCD display, etc.

Or, you could simply buy a Wi-Fi thermostat and wire that to a power relay. (The thermostat would need a transformer or power supply.)

I'd hazard a guess that there's a common ground between all those buttons that gets connected to other inputs of the controller. If you can confirm this then all you'd need to do is connect your arduino GND to the common ground and then use some digital pins to send the other side of each of those switches LOW.

If you know what you're doing with a multimeter, it shouldn't be too difficult to confirm that this is how it's wired.