electric winch

Hello everyone, I am new to this kind of world so my excused if my question is very simple. The project is an electric winch who it is power by 3 cell lipo (11.1v) and it is necessary to know the turns of it. For example, if the wich turns 5 times the wire left is 10 cm or if i reverse it collect 10 cm of rope etc. I am using Arduino nano V3.1 board

I have already make the simple switch program (yes i told you i am a newbie) as i found inside this forum with success. I am thinking to use this button for counter the rotation of shaft, who it is easier for me to make this hardware modify, than use another sensor like hall effect of infrared etc and when i counter the specific turns then the arduino sent a command to one of pin outs , for example to stop turning . I am confused to how i make the connection of 12V wires on the arduino nano board to cut the voltage or the opposite like an ON/OFF swich for start /stop the motor of the winch.

thanks in advance for any responce, bilaouras

It really depends on how much current is flowing through the 12V wires. If it’s logic level (<40mA) then a simple voltage divider would work. But if it’s anymore, you would use transistors. The type of transistor would be determined by current as well.

thanks for quick responce, it is out there a plug and play circuit to do this job or must make my own? Any info about this? thnaks

Can't give any more help until you can say what the current is..

Right, sorry maximum 3A at 12V. The power sourse is Li-po 3 cell. I don not want something complex. I just need to counter the turns via simple swich and when i take the prefered turning number just sent a command to one of the pins to cut out the voltage. If it out there the possibility to restart again ok no problem.

thanks, bilaouras

You can drive the winch from a TIP120A. When you drive the Arduino pin HIGH, the winch (Load) will turn on.

Hi, That circuit will work but for terminology: the TIP120A is a darlington type bipolar transistor not a MOSFET.

Oops, knew I would get something wrong.. Thanks Terry.