electrical overload control systems

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Problem-simple: What modules do I need to create an electrical overload control system? let's say I have a private residential electricity generator, and I want to give a certain amount of Ampere to each client I have, and I want to assure that the customer doesn't consumer more than the Amperage that they bought, without the need to use the conventional circuit breaker? with the possibility to connect the material to my computer in the Office and survey the network and consumption/troubles?

[u]More Details if you need- Real situation:[/u]

Lets say we have an electric power generator which would give a power of 200 KVA~ 1000 Amperes/220V. There are lots of clients distributed in the neighborhood. Each customer would asks for a subscription starting with (2.5 Amperes/220V) up to (100Amperes/220V) all AC of course.

A principal feeding line is connected from the generator's electric board to each node in the neighborhood. Each node contains normally about 20-30 circuit breakers with relative allowance of (2.5 A, 5A, 10A, 12.5A, 15A, 20A, 25A, 30A...50A..) depending on the type of subscription.

If a client wants to switch their subscription from let's say 5A to 15A, the network operator has to go on the node and change the 5A electric circuit breaker and put a sufficient one of 15A. (This is a time and money costly operation). If a client consumes more than he's allowed to, for instance 5A, the circuit breaker will switch off, and the client have to go down the street to switch it on. (This bothers the clients, because they never know the limit of consumption and may sometimes be deprived of consuming what they bought just because they don't want to keep on switching-on the circuit breaker all the day!)

The operator of the electric network was using a conventional circuit breaker, which can be manipulated by some clients making it passing more current than it's supposed to, and eventually forcing the operator to survey the network node by node to discover which one has an overload and change the circuit breaker breaker.

[u]Solution[/u] The solution is to use a different method of controlling the overload of clients without the need to change anything in the hardware each time they change their subscription, and protect the nodes from being manipulated. With the possibility to connect the nodes to a LAN/IP network allowing the operator control the overload of each client. Each time there would be an overload, the hardware would cut off the electricity from that specific client-but not from others connected to the same node- and re turn it on once he decreased their load in a pre-programmed manner. I think some sort of smart-grid technology implemented with arduino and some other hardware.

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You seem to be confusing overload (where the wiring is at danger of melting its insulation) and a billing scheme (which only requires electricity metering). You wouldn't normally confuse the two.

You can expect to get help here about programming questions but the choice of mains electricity switching apparatus seems to be outside the scope of the forum - especially when safety and liability issues are taken into account.

To make the system more "user friendly" seems to imply automatic reconnection after an overload is detected. What happens if the consumer does something (perhaps something stupid) expecting the circuit to be de-powered ?

Because there is a risk of death and there are third party consumers involved this seems to be a job for a professionally certified electrician.