Electrical Safety

Peter_I, I think both are correct. It just depends on the vehicle and the conditions.

I've had cars where I'm sure it is the vehicle building the charge. I can touch metal inside, nothing happens. I slide around without getting out, I can touch metal and nothing happens. But if I get out with a hand on metal I can feel a big Snap through my shoe to the ground. And if I get out without touching metal, I don't get zapped until I touch the car.

Other vehicles, I think it is me sliding across the seat, because I won't get shocked if I touch the keys while still inside, but if I start sliding around and -then- touch metal, I get a spark while still inside. If I get out without touching metal, sometimes I can detect a spark through my foot to the ground, and another spark when I touch the car. That would seem to indicate I have the charge.

Between they key/ignition a neon bulb should sit the last thing to do after stepping out is get the key which discharges static build up then?

I don’t think the neon bulb is necessary, except as an indicator that there was a discharge. The current is low enough that you only feel the spark because it is very concentrated where it hits you. So in that sense, holding the neon bulb is as good as holding a key, coin, or other metal object.

There is always that “wireless” antistatic wrist strap… smirk.