Electrical Zapper with arduino

Hello All,
i made simple laser tag game, and i need to add one last feature to it.
i need to zap players being shot at controlled with arduino.
i want it to cause some pain - But Safe ..
any ideas ?!

Imagine when a player gets injured, and you say "but hang on, some guys on a hobby forum said this would be ok" :wink:

Who defines "safe"... what happens if you zap someone with a level "safe" for 95% of folk but you have a player with a weak heart or something?

But what do they want? :grimacing:

Are you nuts? I don't think those little shock-prank gadgets/toys actually cause pain (just an uncomfortable/unusual/unexpected sensation). And they still might be dangerous to someone with a heart condition (possibly undiagnosed).

But I'm sure if you search the Internet you can learn how to generate a high-voltage shock. (You will have to protect the Arduino from the high voltage.)

:stuck_out_tongue: Maybe just use regular-old BB guns! :stuck_out_tongue:

Use a relay and a modified shock pen.

If you can afford it, buy a TENS unit. They're pretty safe but give the desired effect.

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