Electricity Problem

Hi everybody, I hope that I can explain my problem even though I dont know all of the english words for it.

When I create a setting on the breadboard and connect it to arduino everything works fine. After that I solder it to a Protoshield and put it on the Arduino and connect it, it is not working. I found out that the Problem accurs when I put a wire in the 5V slot. When I have it connected via USB, the USB disconnects, when I connect it with a Batteryclip-pack its not working and after a while it starts to smell burned. Therefore I disconnect the Batteryclip very fast.
I dont get the Problem, did anybody have the same problem before?
Thanks, Marc

What it sounds like to me is that you're connecting your external battery pack to the 5V pin
on the Power header, and it's conflicting with the 5V being supplied by the USB port, and
that is causing the USB/PC to reset. The other thing is possibly a very heavy load on the 5V
pin, which can also cause the USB to reset.

Sounds to me like a short circuit.
Shorting the 5 volts on the USB bus will make it disconnect (but it doesn't really so if you'd do that for a longer time you might destroy something or blow a very small fuse).
As you didn't tell about what your circuit exists of, we have to guess.
Check for reverse polarity on diodes, transistors and upside down chips.

Hey guys, thanks, I am trying to explain it a little bit more.
The first video shows how it should work, so you can see how my circut looks like:

This picture shows the problem maker:
And the last video shows that it works when i connect it via a normal wire and breadboard and after that change to the solded piece and it is not working. (I deactivated the LED, so you can see it better)

Is something wrong with the solded piece, because it is not isolated ?? but another protoshield is working like this. Or do i need to chance the resistors?
Thanks guys.

Unless there is some more obscure problem, the simplest explanation would be the red wire and green wire are not connected on the pcb, they just look connected.

unfortunatly they are connected, I checked this and resoldered it. thats not the problem :frowning:

maybe i soldered the socket strip wrong? Can somebody explain how to do it? Do I need to connect all pins or just each pin to the protoshield?

That socket strip is not a whiteboard. The pins are no doubt all separate.

i know that they are seperated, but if I solder them, like a line, would that work like a whiteboard? Or whats the best way to have a line of V5 and GROUND Pins, so I can connect different elements?

i know that they are seperated, but if I solder them, like a line, would that work like a whiteboard? Or whats the best way to have a line of V5 and GROUND Pins, so I can connect different elements?

Of course you can wire them like a whiteboard, or any other way you like. To power a bunch of
devices, I would wire them every other pin as 5V alternating with Gnd, as then I could use a 2-pin
power connection to go to each device.

The alternative is 5V in a line on one end and Gnds in a line on the other end, but then you're
dealing with rat's nest of wires.

yeah I soldered it in line (1), I took a Pin Array (2) and soldered one wire to the 5V Pin and wired it to the socket strip (3) and another wire to another socket strip for GROUND. So i thought this must work, but everytime I press the Pin Array down through the Protoshield to the arduino board, the USB is disconnecting. I figured because of a short cĂ­rcut, but why?....Is this the right way? Sorry for beeing a noob:).

It's really difficult to troubleshoot the ckt from that picture, LOL, but it's likely there is some
miswire there. First, the Led should have a series resistor, 470-1000 ohms, and secondly, you
can simply disconnect/connect things one at a time until you find the culprit.

That's how everything is done in electronics and programming. Test each piece separately, one
at a time, and then put the pieces together. Each time a new piece is added, do another test.
Like hardware, like software.

ohh man this is shit. I already tested everything seperately and everytime I put the 5V pin in there, it stops. If I put everything on the whiteboard, it works. if I put everything except the 5V on the protoshield, it works. but whenever I put the 5V and GROUND on the protoshield to connect it, its breaking down. Very difficult, because its working exactly like that on another protoshield.:frowning:
Thanks for your help anyways.


There was a problem with one piece, i changed it,now it works :roll_eyes: