electroadhesion robotic gripper ??

I'm making a gripper to pick up and place fabrics. I saw these videos "Grabit Inc" on there electroadhesion robotic gripper arms. I was searching the internet for a while now, but couldn't find any DIY project that used electroadhesion.

Have any of you tried to make a electroadhesion pad. If so can you please please steer me in the right direction. any pointers, books, project will help.

thanks all

Here is a pre-print of a scholarly article on the subject:
[https://infoscience.epfl.ch/record/212710/files/Preprint%20gripper%20AdvMat%20electroadhesion.pdf](http://"Versatile soft grippers with intrinsic electroadhesion based on multifunctional polymer actuators - Infoscience gripper AdvMat electroadhesion.pdf")
It has some information on the design of the membranes and the voltages used (several kilovolts).

Unfortunately you have to pay the journal (Advanced Materials) to read the published version.