Electrocute someone.

I have been using arduino since a while. I have been wondering that can I electrocute someone using arduino. I have tried it by giving 5v shock to my tongue. Do I need a transistor to increase the voltage so that if someone touches the wires, they'll be given a shock?

Don't do this. (I know what you want to do, but look up electrocute in the dictionary.)

An old automotive coil was good for this.

Trade in your arduino for a van der graaf generator.

Has it occurred to you that asking the Arduino forum how to use their product to inflict harm to another individual might be a conflict of interest due to legal and insurance issues, not to mention basic common sense and general principles ? Why don't you ask us how to build a nuclear bomb or an IUD ?

An "IUD"? I think that means something different than what you think that means. ;)

Umm, I guess that was a typo. It was supposed to be "I.E.D." :D

So, ra,,,, How do you build an IUD? Would that be more cost effective than, say, having her go to a doctor and get a perscription?

An Arduino-powered IUD???? That' s a project I'd like to see! I think it will have to be the smallest footprint Atmel has to offer on an AVR chip... 8U2, perhaps? Attiny13 SMD?

Doing a firmware upgrade might be troublesome, 'though - you know... getting the USB cable in there!

One of the features might be Bluetooth connection for the user to turn it on or off as necessary. If the other party is a rich soccer player, or a famous movie star, I bet the user will want the device turned off!


An Arduino-powered IUD?

Boy, on this forum, one false step and your in trouble....

Well, you're the one sticking it in there 8)

Well, you're the one sticking it in there

Oh, so I deserve all this for a typo ?

Just be glad you are not attending school in Texas. That acronym would likely get you expelled. Even if it was just a typographical mistake.

Just be glad you are not attending school in Texas

I'm sorry, I'm not from Texas. That comment went right over my head...

I'm going to take a wild guess it means they are not big fans of birth control there. I don't see the point of that because souls only inhabit living entities. No one knows when a soul inhabits a person. We can assume it is not before conception but beyond that, no one knows. I'm guessing the pro-birth control people think it occurs at birth and the other group are voting for after conception but before birth. I have no idea. I wouldn't even begin to guess. I am fairly sure that nothing is going to prevent a soul from coming back if it is in the cards so I don't see how either side is either winning or losing. I've probably said too much already. I'm from California, USA so we don't talk about it much here.

Get out of town ! ;D

KeithRB: http://www.snopes.com/info/news/onering.asp

Faith in humanity vanishing, vanishin, vanish.... gone.

It can't vanish. That's the whole point. There is a balance that must be maintained. When one side pushes, the other pushes back harder. The purpose of existence is to choose a side and try to maintain the balance. As Bob Dylan said "Sooner or later, you're gona have to serve somebody. It might be the devil , it might be the Lord....but sooner or later you're gonna have to serve somebody...."

Wow a quote from "Slow Train Coming" - The period in Dylan's career that everyone pretends to not have happened!

(Of course I hope the "vanishing" thing was in reference to the One Ring reference.)

Oh, sorry , I missed that. Yes it definitely must have been. I haven't followed the Hobbit so I didn't catch that.