electronic based "hardware" components manufacturing companies

Hello everyone. Does somebody knows where some of the major musical instrument manufacturing companies for keyboards and midi controllers like moog, clavia, access, native-instruments, dave smith instruments, novation, m-audio, akai pro, axiom, alesis, roland, yamaha, korg and so on... buy their electronic based "hardware" components like: digital/analog potis, leds, lcds, boards, keyboards and so on? Are there some well known companies that produces hight quality components? If I search on the web for potis, I get a billion offers... Thank you!

www.music123.com www.guitarcenter.com www.partsxpress.com

then mouser.com, digikey.com if you have specific parts/values in mind.

iolli: If I search on the web for potis, I get a billion offers...

99.9% total garbage (spam) in fact, thoroughly wasting your time and making it virtually impossible to find genuine ones.

That's the "Web" for you!

I wish Google would/ could get rid of all the bogus "parts finders" with no actual information, from their searches.

"potis" = potentiometers? Bourns manufactures a large number of pro audio potentiometers.

I use taydaelectronics.com for most of my parts sourcing needs... They even have cheap stacking headers (12-22ยข each) Definitely the place to go if you are making guitar pedals and the like. Their stomp switches are cheap, but sturdy. 8)

Other than using them, I am not in any way affiliated with them ;)