Electronic Bee Box

What if a bee box was built to remove the lid from the box, then raise each frame for beehive inspection? There is less risk of getting stung! A big plus for bee enthusiast whom are allergic to bug bites & bees. Surely the wheels for a drawer mechanism would get jammed with wax, but I'm sure a custom vertical sliding drawer system could be accomplished with an arduino to control individual frames being raised or lower. :fearful: XD

Instead of brushing the bees off the frames to inspect honeycomb just vibrate the frames until the bees fly off. (may not be the best idea considering laid eggs)


It's certainly an interesting idea. I agree the bees would like to gum up your mechanism with wax, and you'd need to be careful not to crush any of them on returning it to the hive (not least because that gets the whole hive angry, but also there's the risk to the queen). The frames are normally butted against each other so there's not a lot of room for your mechanism. If you reduced the number of frames per box the bees will build out the honeycomb to fill the available space so you wouldn't have more room for long...and that makes things difficult when it's time to rob them.

Have you started on this?