Electronic boost controller, PWM signal generator

I am trying to build a simple open loop electronic boost controller with an adjustable signal generator and a 4 port MAC valve. I am way above my knowledge level, but am usually really good at googling and figuring things out and can't seem to make it work.

This is the signal generator.

This is the MAC valve.

The valve is 12v, 5.4 watts 25.4 ohm coil and runs at .45 Amps at 12v run on PWM. I assume the signal generator doesn't put out the power that the valve wants, but I can't seem to find how to step that signal up to what it wants. I have tried multiple transistors but can't figure out if I am wiring it in correctly.

Any idea what transistor and/or mosfet I need to use to get this thing to work?

There are no useful data sheets out for your parts, and there is no obvious use for an Arduino.

For the transistor it should be possible to use any NPN transistor or N channel (logic level) MOSFET. Show (link) the circuits you found or tried so far.

The attachment is one of the ways I have tried to wire it up, but with a 12v source instead of the 2 9 volt batteries and an s8050 transistor. I’ve also tried a 2222a transistor, but those are the only two I have currently. I don’t know which transistor or mosfet to buy, and I also don’t know if the way I have it wired will even work with the correct transistor. I don’t have schematics for the other ways I’ve tried because I’m on my phone right now, sorry.

I know there isn’t a use for an Arduino in this scenario, but I figured I could wire this signal generator in the same way as the Arduino that was set for a pwm output. Also, if I can’t get the signal generator to work I will use an Arduino to generate the pwm signal.

Thanks for the response.

Don't use pin 13, it's burdened by the LED circuit.

I understand that, currently I'm not using any outputs on the Arduino, I'm using the signal generator. My question is about the transistor I need to use, and if that diagram would work with the signal generator in place of the Arduino.

Have you tried setting the PWM to 100% and measuring the output voltage?

It is listed as TTL, but a 2v to 5v range on a TTL can make a big difference in what mosfet / transistor you use.

Find out exactly what output voltage your getting is a good start.

The output voltage depends on (equals?) the supply voltage.

Considering the input voltage is up to 30v on that signal generator, surely that’s not true.

And just because your giving it at least 3.3 volts doesn’t mean the PWM signal is stronger than 2 volts.

To be TTL complaint, it only needs to output a 2 volt HIGH which certainly won’t be enough to saturate the gates on a lot of components.

I'll try to measure output voltage tomorrow, I'm at work right now. Thanks for the responses!

12.47 volt in, 12.46 volt out with duty cycle 100%. Roughly 6.2v at 50% duty on my cheapy multimeter, which makes sense to me. Any idea on transistor?

You already listed the values that a usable MOSFET must have.