Electronic Component Searching or Buying

I would like to know if anyone thinks there is an opportunity for me to create an aggregator of the fleamarket sites such as AliExpress or eBay? I run some electronics sites and many of the users prefer these sites over authorized sites such as Digi-Key. They offer cheap breakout boards and much cheaper arduino accessories and components.

I think eBay and AliExpress are much to broad to include in a parts search engine, but I've often wished that there was something that included the various "hobbyist"/surplus suppliers like BGMicro, AllElectronics, ElectronicsGoldmine, JDR Microdevices, DIPMicro, Sparkfun, Adafruit, and so on. The trouble is that it's hard to know when to stop - some such dealers have a brick&Mortar store but poor on-line presence, price wars between different vendors probably wouldn't benefit anyone, and some vendors (adafruit and sparkfun are examples) primarily sell things at a "higher level" than bare components. And exact manufacturer part numbers are a bit rare...

Thanks for the reply westfw. I think there may be an opportunity to do just as you say. something that allows selection of the various hobbyist sites. You could even do it by location or just a dropdown list.

I was thinking aliexpress and ebay are good for certain types of parts. cheap displays, capacitors where you can just enter a value. They are not really good for part number searches. For obsolete parts i was thinking brokerforum, icsource may be good additions.