Electronic Dartboard cross connect

I have a coin operated dart board and a home use dart board that is able to play against other people online. What I am looking to do is connect the switch matrix from my coin op board to the brain of the online capable board. I have already gotten the matrix from the two boards and they of course are not the same. What I believe I need to do is connect the coin op matrix to an arduino (probably mega for the qty of IO pins) monitor the pins to sense the hits, what I’m not finding online is can make a virtual connection on two other IO pins to make the connection on the online board side. I hope this makes sense. I’ve attached an screenshot displaying the two matrix’s. One thing to note, I don’t believe I need more than one pin for the single numbers. The original has one for the inner single and one for the outer single. I cannot think of a game where I would need this. Please let me know if what I am trying to do is possible, I believe it should be, the mega might not be what is needed and I’m open to adding components if needed.