Electronic Display Options


I am planning to create an electronic display, dashboard if you wish. Therefore I desire it to be in full colour with a good drawing library. I am unsure regarding size, 5 inches approximately would be a good size. I was wondering what platforms could be used to run this.

I haven't seen any arduino 5 inch screens, maximum I have seen is pretty much 3.2 inchs. I was therefore wondering whether two displays could be run from the same arduino.

I was also wondering what sort of camera module support there was for the arduino.

My overall question is whether an arduino is suited for this sort of thing or rather a raspberry pi would be more suitable for running an electronic display.

Thanks, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

An Arduino UNO has 2K (2048) bytes of memory. This is enough for a 128x60 monochrome display, and no video capabilities at all. Arduino puts the 'micro' into microcontroller!

If you want a fancy touch screen color display, camera, and all the stuff your phone can do, do check out the Raspberry Pi. It's a completely different animal than the Arduino.

An Arduino excels at realtime programming, because there is no OS code that runs ... whenever. Also the Arduino interface is simplified to inouts, outputs and interrupts.

A RasPi is best at interfacing with complex library code. It has a TON of memory, and can run a touch-screen as a minor process. But it doesn't do so well on real time code, cause the OS can take control whenever it needs to, regardless of the state of the current thread.

There is a small startup project "CleO"which is just delivering the first volume to the market.
Maybe worth to have a look at. As far as I understood their approach, they come with an intelligent device which does most of the compilations of the screen in the CleO rather than eating up most of Ardu's processing power and pins. It also comes with a camera as an option.

I will watch the scene a bit and see if that mightbe something to go with.

But, as @ChrisTenone said, the Raspi will give you quite more power/memory etc. at the price of a bit more complex setup (if you are not very familiar with Linux by chance).