Electronic Formula Calculator for iPhone and iPod Touch

Hi all,

I can't find the do's and don'ts about posting since the move to the new forum, but I don't think I am breaking any rules by doing this but I stand ready to be corrected if I am wrong.

I wanted to let people know about my first app that I have released for the iPhone and iPod Touch (iPad also works in iPhone mode). It is an electronics formula calculator that assists in calculating a few of the common formula's that I and others on here could think of.

It is basic, but it does the job with minimum fuss, and it does include some descriptive text about each formula. It is free, there is no cost involved to download it whatsoever, and I again stand ready to receive any suggestions or indeed criticisms regarding this app.

This was my first and I have learned a lot from the process, and I do have idea's for further Arduino related iPhone apps that I have started working on recently that are much more intricate.

Anyway, in case you're interested, the URL is http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/electroforms-electronic-formula/id443121292?mt=8&ls=1. I am open to any comments, suggestions or criticisms good or bad, either in this thread or on my app website www.morrolan.com.

Many thanks, Morrolan