electronic gearing

Hi !

I would like to make with arduino electronic gearing .

On master motor would be mounted quadrature encoder ( 2500 cpr ex. )

and slave motor should follow master on specified ratio. Slave motor would be step or servo motor and controlled with STEP / DIR signal.

So , we have to read encoder signals

then reduce it with ratio. ( ex. i = 20 )

every step must be divided by 20 .

and then output quadratute signal to Step motor drive.

Step rate should be up to 200 kHZ .

Any ideas how to do that ?

Step rate should be up to 200 kHZ .

Which motor can do that?

Which motor can do that?

Most step motor drives go up to 200k step pulse rates .

I suggest to do some reading. This generic plot of torque versus step rate is something to think about:

Good luck with your project!

200kHz at 200 steps per revolution gives a motor speed of 60,000RPM

Microsteps of course. This is for servomotors too, which in step/direction mode can use very small microsteps.