Electronic Goldmine finally lowered shipping rates


About time too! If you aren’t familiar with the Electronic Goldmine, they sell bulk/scrap things for VERY low prices, but the problem is that the shipping used to be a minimum of ~$15! But now they’ve lowered it to $4.95 for 1lb +$1 for each additional pound. Now I will actually consider them as a source for things, rather than a last resort! :slight_smile:



I wish they had a “walk-in” store - one thing I hate (and love at the same time) about Apache Reclamation is that the place is so “random”; its a browser’s paradise, but if you are looking for something specific, your chances of finding it may be “slim-to-none”, unless you get really lucky. They have things arranged in general areas, but for small parts (aside from most passives or LEDs), like ICs or transistors, or such - good luck is all I can say! You have to really know the store, and even then it is hit and miss.

We used to have a store here called EMC (Electronic Materials and Computers); it was a surplus electronics store, but more organized and neat. It had actually been around for quite a while, but then the owners ran it into the ground for some reason or another…such a shame (they sold everything from small parts to large office equipment - all of it used/surplus - I still kick myself for not picking up an old teletype with paper-tape punch/reader).