electronic & IoT project

I need some help about my electronic project & IOT project.
Purpose: I need to build a system to count coins' quantity that were thrown into a mobil charge station that is work with 2$(this means there is no other kind of coins- only 1$ - i think IR sensor enough here) and evaluate total value of them. After that process, i have to send all data to a remote pc to set a traceable platform.As you predicted, goal is monitoring coin status of machine as online.
Generally,I have workaround but i couldnt find solution to recieve sensor data and send them to collector like Arduino UNO(I dont know it is appropriate).
What is the best design for this in terms of hardware and software? Which techs, cards, sensors i need?
Arduino solution will be better for me.

I have to collect approximately 100 sensors data to represent.
I need to illustrate results on a web page or live excel sheet.

Help me now, genius please!!!

this means there is no other kind of coins- only 1$ - i think IR sensor enough here

So people only put in 1$ coins?

If this is 'real' money how are you going to stop people throwing in washers etc?

You have SEVERAL issues you need to tackle.

I suggest you break them down into a COMPLETE list.. and make notes about each one..

Example,... so far I see at least '2' issues you need to clarify and work through.

1.) How to detect this 'monetary' input.
2.) How to get this data (whatever the data -is-)..to an external resource (web or spreadsheet..etc)

#1.) Detecting the monetary input from a user.

  • Please clarify this $1 coin you refer to?
  • Will it always/only be this one type of coin used? (then you can perhaps use weight, or even some more low-tech/mechanical ways.. like slots that only fit that coin size..etc)
  • Any other way for the charging station to work?

#2.) Data from Arduino to 'real world'.

  • Please describe the type of data you need to display ( to ensure it is being collected correctly)
  • Depending on the data you need to collect/save... perhaps EEPROM,.. or better yet an SD card.. you can save to a .txt file on the SD card.. an use this to create a CSV spreadsheet.. which in turn can be used to create a live chart/graph perhaps?
  • How long do you need to collect data before clearing it out to the web page or spreadsheet? 1 days worth? 1 week? 1 month?

Have you checked into using a real coin slot machine? (Adafruit?) To see if it can fit your needs?

Where does the IOT part come from?

Perhaps you want to 'real time' (so to speak) send coin data to a database? If so.. I would look into using an ESP8266 module to gain wifi capabilities.