Electronic Newby serches Transistor

Hello Guys,

I’m looking for an Transistor to toggle a smal water pump. I found some on Amazon, but now I was wandering what the data means:

collector-base-voltage: 60V
collektor-emitter-Voltage: 40V
emitter-base- Voltage: 6V

Now my question. Are these values max or min values ? I only want to toggle 5V is it possible ?

They are not probably not important for your application.
The Vce 40 is the most important for hobbyists.

For example, if the water pump is 24V, this is less than the breakdown 40V.

Of importance is, maximum current, VCEsat and power rating.
However, suggest you use a logic level MOS FET rather than a BJT.

What exactly are you trying to do?
What is the pump’s ratings?
What power supply do you have for the pump?

Show us a good schematic of your circuit.
Show us a good image of your wiring.
Give links to components.
Posting images:


Outputs.jpg Click on the image for full resolution.

Thy larryd for your reply,

I have links to all of my components, but only in German is that a problem ? I want to toggle a 5V Water Pump powered by USB with an Smarthone charger (min 1A) the Water pump needs 2,5-6 V and works at 130-220mA.
I hav no schematic of my wiring. If you say you need it for an explicit answer, I can make one.

Suggest your pump be powered by a separate external 5V @ 1amp power supply (common grounds to the logic supply).

The pump would have a kickback diode (1N4007) across the coil.

For 130-220mA a BJT would probably be okay, what transistor do you have?

Always draw a schematic for your circuits!

That Would be the Transistor i thought about. What do you think ? Would it fit my project ?

That has a continuous current rating of only 200ma.
Go with a higher current rating transistor.

If you are going to do some future projects in this area, buy a logic level MOS FET like IRL3705N, IRL540 etc. ~$2.00
Get several to have on hand.

Ok got it, but only for understandig, it would work with that ?

This would work:


I don't know that circuit will work or not, but you have option to operate the pump manually.