Electronic paper (e-ink) - available for hobbyists?

Does anyone know if the "e-ink" type LCD display (eg. as used in the Kindle and similar) can be purchased stand-alone?

You might use one as a status display, or sign maybe, where the low power consumption would be a big advantage (it only needs power to change what is displayed).

What I remember from searching about a year ago: Yes, it is possible to purchase a display. However, they are very expensive in small counts.

I vaguely recall someone on the forum writing about one… There it is…

Edit: Another link added.

There is one I saw a few months ago, it was only twenty pounds or so but I was not very impressed with the size or resolution. I will look for the link to see if I can find it.


Thanks, Mike. But 2 x 10 characters isn't much, huh? Like you said.

Thanks for the info.