Electronic periscope

I have to build electronic periscope. It should look like "T".
We mount FPV Stereoscopic googles on head and we mount periecope to it. On left and right side of "T" we have two cameras and each camera send video for each eye.
On googles i want buttons up/down and right/left to choose distance between cameras.
Is it possibile to do on Arduino? Do you have any ideas?

Something like FPV Stereo Drones but instead of drone i need periscope.

OK, so firstly, Arduinox have nothing whatsoever to do with video; cameras or displays.

What is it you propose to control with the Arduino? Some sort of motorised screw or a servo? There are certainly examples of using one to control servos.

Im actually not sure. I want to use some kind of light actuators with 50cm range up/down and about 30cm left/right. I dont need middle positions on up/down but on left/right i need 0 position, middle position and 1 position. Its for Stereoscopic zoom so i need to have Control on baseline of cameras for 1x 2x and 4x zoom.

An Arduino does not have the speed or memory to deal with video.

Consider using a RaspberryPi