Electronic Speed Controller makes unknown beeps

My ESCs were working fine but suddenly since yesterday, they have started to make an unknown sound. I don't understand what these beeps mean. I have attached a link to a video that has the beep sound of the ESCs. What does this beep mean?

The ESCs were calibrated to work within the range of 1000us-2000us and seemed to work fine.

Link to the video

What does the manual for the ESCs have to say about the bleeps ? They sound like error codes to me

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I think the second error in the photo could be the error with my ESCs? If so, what are the possible things that could be causing this issue?

It seems pretty clear, Input voltage too high or too low. If you have a meter measure the input voltage. What is it? Often caused by a battery that needs charging.

I think the error was with how I was giving the throttle input to the ESC. I had been using the servo library to generate the ESC signals but yesterday I changed the code to provide manual signals. I stored the esc_pulse values as an integer but after I change the data type of the variable to an unsigned long the issue goes away.

Data type could have been the issue because I was comparing an integer to a long to generate the ESC signals

void applyMotorSpeed() {
  while ((now = micros()) - loop_timer < period);

    // Update loop timer
    loop_timer = now;

    // Set pins #4 #5 #6 #7 HIGH
    PORTD |= B11110000;

    // Wait until all pins #4 #5 #6 #7 are LOW
    while (PORTD >= 16) {
        now        = micros();
        difference = now - loop_timer;

        if (difference >= throttle) PORTD &= B11101111; // Set pin #4 LOW
        if (difference >= throttle) PORTD &= B11011111; // Set pin #5 LOW
        if (difference >= throttle) PORTD &= B10111111; // Set pin #6 LOW
        if (difference >= throttle) PORTD &= B01111111; // Set pin #7 LOW

This is my code, the throttle variable was an integer and it was being compared to the difference variable which is a long

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