Electronic switch?

Hi guys, is there any electronic switch IC? I would like to allow some signals pass or not basing to some input given to Arduino.

Signals can be different: for example video or audio signals...

I need something like a relay, but not for electricity...

Can you suggest me smth?

Analog switch, look for one with low resistance:


It is for electricity! Perhaps you mean for signal, not for power?

CMOS analog switches and transmission gates should work DC --> video rates (but the bandwidth may trail off a bit, check what the datasheet says).

Above that for RF signals then you'll find PIN diodes are used, there may be chips with several PIN diode switches built in (I don't know, never looked for this).

CMOS switches are probably fine for you, but be aware the signal voltage must be strictly within the power supply range, so for audio you will have to level shift or use +/- supplies.

Think I just want to let audio or video pass or not, is like un/plugging the video signal to the monitor. So CMOS switch should work?

Audio - no problem. Video you need one that will work at those sorts of frequencies as well as proper layout on your PCB.