Electronically controlled lock.

Does anyone know of a small electronically controlled lock that can be toggled by a signal from an arduino? I'm thinking something small like the small tubular locks. It doesn't have to be secure as I would like to use it as a safety switch. It would be toggled on with a key but I would like to be able to have the arduino toggle it off if necessary. I have searched the internets but I can only find much more advanced and expensive locks than what I need.
If not a lock then maybe some kind of rocker switch that the arduino can toggle off.

At ebay look up power door lock actuator. That's not the lock -itself- but is throws the mechanism that is the lock. In your case it could throw a pin that physically blocks a switch from being toggled, or covers a switch with a plate, there are many mechanical variations to block something. The mechanism is a motor with a worm gear drive. Once thrown the worm prevents simple pressure from returning it. The motor requires an h-bridge to reverse the motor to lock and unlock it. They're also available at auto junkyards, but because they're often intended to help a repair guy fix something that's obsolete and unavailable it may actually cost -more- than a -new- generic part. Worth a try though.

I actually have a spare door lock actuator but it’s much more and much too large for what I need. I don’t intend to use it to actually lock anyone out of something. I just need something to act as a circuit safety switch that has to be manually toggled on but can be automatically toggled off when needed. A small key/lock combo would be great but even some kind of rocker switch would work.

Hi, I would suggest you do not toggle a safety switch on and off, they are designed to be either on or off and physically indicate that condition.
A toggle action will not physically indicate this. Especially if you remote control it.
What is the safety switch for and how do you want to operate it?

Tom...... :slight_smile:

iIs this for a reverse GeoCache?

I'ts going to be for a wireless rocket launcher for model rockets. The safety switch would be to arm the launcher and would have to be toggled on manually. But I would like the arduino to be able to toggle it off after a timeout or if it detects that there is no continuity on the ignition circuit.

I can make a logical safety switch with a momentary press button, but it would be nice to have some kind of mechanical switch that physically disconnects the ignition circuit while the system is not armed.

Why don't you use a button connected to arduino, that opens a relay the relay stays open for a set amount of time then closes. you could use one button for arm, then a second button for fire the fire button would then open a second relay that sends the power through the first relay. so if the first relay is not open the power doesn't go through.

Isn't that called a latching relay circuit ?