electronically controlled reed valve ?

I am doing my final year engineering project in which I am using arduino uno R3 to control a valve in the exhaust gas of a two stroke engine using the crank position sensor (IR Sensor) as an input.
The problem is that I am unable to find a proper valve for this purpose.Reed valve seems like a good option but it is not electronically controlled. Are there any electronically controlled reed valve or does any one know how to make one? If so send me a link. :sweat_smile:
Any other suggestions on the valve?
I know that this may not be a correct place if someone knows forums related to this can they also link me to that :slight_smile:
Thanks for the reply i'll try to upload the sketch of the project so that you can have a better understanding soon.

A reed valve , by definition, is a valve that vibrates like a clarinet reed due to it's own physical properties. It's not an inherently electrical device. It would be possible, in theory, to change the performance by altering the properties of the valve, such as changing the length or mass of the vibrating part. But I am not sure if that is a practical concept.

For what purpose are you trying to control a valve in the exhaust ?
Valve timing ?
Making more annoying noise ?

What sort of exhaust valve does this two-stroke motor already have? Poppet valve ? Sleeve valve ?

thanks for the reply, but found out that it is not so much feasible.
Sorry if i might have wasted your time. XD

How about a rotary gate shutter driven round by a servo motor. Something like the device used on the old style cinema projectors. See here for a cartoon of one Rotary disc shutter - Wikipedia

it was good but it kinda occupies a lot i cant exactly put it in a exhaust manifold which is 3.2 cm in dia can i ?
thanks for the suggestion :wink: