Electronics and code writing

I'm not an electronic expert but I do need one to help develop two new prototypes I'm working on.
I need someone who is UK based and familiar with bluetooth electronics and can write codes. I have tried working with people overseas but it is a very inefficient way of working.

The project is very simple.

Some work has been done and is available for checking.

Can somebody advise me of how to move forward?

Well, if the project is that simple and the code aledy done is usable, why isn't it complete?
Anyway, feel free to send a PM with more details (or better: post more details here)

I've been working with an engineer overseas and he is becoming unreliable. I may decide to cut my losses and take what has already been developed and pass it on to someone based in the UK.

There are two devices:
1 A bluetooth door handle.

2 A special door closer operated by a 24v DC motor with encoder.

Both will need some low level code writing however much of that may already be available.

Well, that does not help a lot. Which BT device(s) (link?)? What works/what does not?

Can somebody advise me of how to move forward?

Maybe this request would be better in Gigs and Collaborations section where people help with projects on a commercial basis.


As I said in my first posting I'm not an electronic engineer. I am looking for someone who is willing to look at the data files and give me an opinion regarding completing the project. I don't have the files at the moment but when I do I would like there to be someone who is willing to check it out.

If it is helpful the bluetooth door handle, which I have patented, is operated by using a wristband that will work at a range of about 50cm. I do have a programmable wrist band that has a range of 30m!

The door closer works by detecting that a room is empty and closing the door. This uses a PIR to detect movement.

I'm not asking for a firm commitment by someone but prepared to look at the project once I have all the data.

If there is a more appropriate section on the forum that I should be using then please advise me.

And what would you like to be done in the end?

To finish off the development and make fully working prototypes made in the UK.
I do the mechanics and someone else does the electronics and we work together.

So ... are you looking for a company or "some nice guy" ?

I nice UK guy would great!

And what would that nice guy get for beeing nice?

I think the best way to do this is to let him see all the files etc and work done to date and then to quote for completing the project.

Don't know if that's wortrh the trouble. Just describe the project, e.g.:

  1. Ardunino + Bluetooth module (..05?)
  2. Some identification device.
  3. Relais+endswitch
  4. PIR-Sensor

When PIR did not reister any movement for X seconds and BT token not present within range, lock door.

When BT-Token present, unlock door.

BT-token must be within max. 50cm to unlock.

Did I forget something? Maybe you find that you can you already buy this product.

Firstly are you in the UK?

When you check my web link you'll see that I'm not. On the other hand, I'm not that far away :slight_smile:

But what I'm couriouse about is, how far am I off from what you want to do?

One of the reasons for wanting a UK based engineer is reduce the shipping costs. However I would think that because I'm so close to completing the project shipping is likely to be minimal. Is there a secure way to pass onto you my email address where I can give you a lot more information?

I sent you a PM with email addresses.