Electronics and Robotics Magazines... List em

I was browsing the bookstore today and noticed that their electronic magazine selection seems to be random. So I figured I would start subscribing to whatever I could. Lets get a list of common and not so common magazines that would interest Arduino users.

I’m thinking maybe 2 categories, electronics & robotics and science & technology. I’ll get it started.

Electronics & Robotics
Nuts n Volts
Element 14 (not sure how to subscribe, but I have seen a few issues floating around)
Circuit Cellar

Science & Technology
Popular Science
Popular Mechanics

ROBOT magazine


Science and Technology:

Scientific American
Technology Review (MIT)
Presence (MIT)

Note that the last one is a very cool magazine aimed at serious VR/AR research; it is also very expensive to buy ($18.00 an issue, or $96.00 for a year’s subscription of six issues).



CANNOT go past Silicon Chip. It’s an Australian publication (Woot go us Aussies!). It isn’t really all robotics, but it has a lot of micro stuff, and really good things. Even if you don’t build the stuff, the read is really interesting, one picks up very good circuit design techniques, just from reading the “how this works” section…

Just my 2c worth…