Electronics/Arduino specialist needed for EscapeRoom business support in London

Hi there,

I have just opened a new Escape Room business in London and most of the technology used is Arduino based.

My technical team has just finished the project but unfortunately they are living abroad and are not constantly in London so I am also looking for someone here locally to help out with support (a service level agreement) in case anything breaks down.

Basically I would need someone to come and learn how all of my puzzles and mechanisms work (they are pretty basic stuff, so nothing extremely over-complicated) and then if something breaks down to help me fix it very fast, because if one of my puzzles does not work then the entire room doesn't function, so I need a quick response time.

This work would, of course, be paid and we could discuss more details about terms and response times over a meeting.

If you are interested please contact me via email at stefan.vargolici@gmail.com

Thank you