Electronics Project - Automated Gas Stove

Hey all,

I am an undergraduate student and I have an electronics semester project. I want to make an automated gas stove using an arduino and also I want to interface a BLE with it so that it can communicate with an android device and I can control the ignition through an app. Can anyone help me with it? I am a newbie and I hope to get a good response :(

Can anyone help me with it?

What do you need help with?

As I already mentioned I am a newbie and not really into that stuff :( I need help in the circuit through which it can be implemented. I googled that, but having no prior experience, I want someone to help me in the components used to produce a high voltage spark. Something doable at my stage.

This sounds like an explosion waiting to happen. What school are you going to? Is your Prof okay with this?

A gas dryer or oven probably has the closest control system. It cycles on and off to maintain a temperature and it has a fail safe so that the gas doesn't turn on unless the ignitor is hot. Read this http://www.appliance411.com/faq/gas_range_ignition_systems.shtml so you understand how the ignition process works. You need to use this control sequence.

Yes he is :frowning:

Actually it’s not really a gas oven, just a small gas stove we use everyday in our kitchens. And now cooking ranges are available which run on battery and automatically ignite the stove by turning the knob.
All we want to do is to control it with an arduino :frowning:

When you turn the gas on with a knob, you are the fail safe. You need some way to prevent the gas from building up before a spark when you're not there to monitor it. You can reinvent the wheel, or you can use one of the methods commonly used in dryers and ovens.

one of the un-spoken rules of these forums is that we do not offer expert advise on how to kill yourself or others. these posts for an archive that could be used by your next of kin as a way to punish anyone who was in even the slightest way to blame for an untimely and unfortunate accident.

as you know gas mixed with oxygen will offer an explosive mixture.

in almost every case of your device not working, you have or are expanding and explosive mixture.

the only two possible cases of it NOT creating an explosive mixture are:

1) total failure and no gas being released.

2) perfect operation and gas is ignited and burns properly

what we know :

you have no deep understanding of electronics you have no deep understanding of gas mixtures you have no deep understanding of ignition sequences you have no deep understanding of ignition hardware

not trying to be rude in any way, but the laws and insurance regulations abound regarding this sort of thing.

the most helpful anyone can be here is to help you find a more suitable project for you knowledge level. one that does not have the risk of injury or death.