Electronics suppliers

Does anyone know of any suppliers located near the east coast of the US dealing in a wide range of electronics components?

Seams we need a sticky here for electronic suppliers.

Any reason it has to be a company on the east coast? Cause there are allot of great suppliers available here in the states but most of them are near the west coast. Not that it matters where they are. If shipping times are an issue then it really comes down to how fast the company can process your order.

Does Minnesota count?

Seriously though, why does it need to be near the East Coast. Digikey is in MN, but they have some pretty good service from what I’ve heard.

Nothing East Cost that I'm aware of, here's who I use:

Digikey - MN - http://www.digikey.com/ Mouser - TX - http://www.mouser.com/ Jameco - CA - http://www.jameco.com/ All Electronics - CA - http://www.allelectronics.com/

I have a variety of the Arduino related parts that I use in the kits I sell. Not a wide range. I am in Boston.

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I have a variety of the Arduino related parts that I use in the kits

Me too, I sell kits ::) http://timewitharduino.blogspot.com/

For generic (e.g. non Arduino) parts the following websites are useful: www.Findchips.com oemstrade.com

For example type in "74HC02".

Both of these will search through the listings of several distributors, including Mouser (usually the cheaper) and Digikey. Giving you prices to compare, availability (how many in stock), minimum order quantity. Make sure you check whether the part is through hole or surface mount. OemsTrade is similar to FindChips but searches more distributors.

Try it and see what you get.

With a credit card and a ship to address you can get parts either fast (overnight air, which is expensive) or reasonable (Ground, far less expensive.

Designing circuits and boards for people is my business so I use Mouser and Digikey a lot.

If time is the issue, I'd use Digikey: they usually ship same day, and even UPS ground is pretty fast from them. I'm sure they have 2-3 UPS trailers parked there all day. Mouser is often as fast.

If time is not the problem, but shipping cost is, use Futurlec. $4 minimum shipping, but it comes from Thailand, so it takes a couple weeks. Futurlec usually has very low prices and a very reasonable range of components, although not anywhere near what Digikey stocks. If you want common components, and you can wait, Futurlec is going to be a lot cheaper.

If you really want East Coast, there aren't any really full line distributors. Newark is in Illinois, Allied and Mouser are in Texas, and of course, Digikey is in Thief River Falls, MN.