Electronics trading

Anyone got any electronics they want/want to sell/are wanting?

I have lots of parts of various kinds and I am wondering if there is anything else interesting that I can buy/trade with people.

I have (among lots of other things):
DS (not the touch part) and GBA screens - don’t think anyone’s interfaced them yet.
Lots of laser modules (~5mw on flying leads - 2.3-3VDC apparently - I have stuck 9v through one for a long time and it still works fine!)
Lots of scrounged PC parts, ATX plugs, ATX supplies, Molex plugs, cables (various).
Switches, plugs, sockets, LEDs, VFDs, LCDs, 7 segment displays etc.
and lots of other stuff.

I thought it would be good to have a post where everyone can post their unwanted junk electronics, and eveyone can then trade/buy etc.

PMs are probably most appropriate for interest.


well, i would love to but think the shipping would kill it. By the way, I have kits i’m looking to trade - 1 beagle board, 1 x arm9 board and 25 x Xilinix Fpga’a Plus some of the above.

I can post most things for less than $5 worldwide (unless it’s really heavy - power supplies etc) but I suppose that stops it being quite so good…


I’m organizing a group order for LED drivers ICs from Kingelectronics.com, particularly the Macroblock MBI5168 (but they have other nice things too). As they only ship via UPS this is the only way to get the shipping costs per piece down. This chip is used in the Rainbowduino BTW.

It’s basically an 8bit shift register much like the 74HC595, but with included constant current sink drivers (5-120mA per pin). Very nice for LEDs of all kind. And of course for common anode RGB LEDs, which everybody likes :wink:

I’ll order on January 14th 2010. More details here.

Cool, I am not really interested in placing an order for those but if anyone has any spare afterwards then I have a little project coming up where they could be useful and I might want to buy some…



So I have to increase my personal life-time stock by… how many did you say you’ll be needing ? ::slight_smile:


Only if you have a few free…