elegoo 2560 mega issues

Hello! I am learning Arduino along with my children using the Mega 2560 format. Everything has gone smoothly until we hit lessons 4 & 5. With lesson four (it uses a RGB LED diode), the setup seemed correct as the LED would light and cycle through the colors. However, any attempt at changing the length of time on any of the colors in the script would have no effect after the new upload ( I used the script that came off of the elegoo site). lesson five would simply not work (I checked my setup several times). I even went back to the first experiment (lesson two I believe) which involves the board alone to see if there were any issues with that or the basic setup and that all went well. Any nudge in the right direction would be awesome and most welcome. Thanks!

Do you want to limit the replies to only people who have the Elegoo kit or documentation? If not, please post more information, such as the sketch in question.

If you change this:

#define delayTime 10 // fading time between colors

into this:

#define delayTime 20 // fading time between colors

then it is twice as slow.
Does lesson 4 still work ?

You better watch out, or someone might start talking about a crystal ball. That means that we are going to guess what you have on the table in front of you, what the question is, and what the answer is.

Now that I mentioned my crystal ball :wink: You probably have the Mega starter kit.
My crystal ball is hazy, but I think I see a Mega Basic kit or a Mega Complete kit.

The lessons are in a pdf document in the zip file. They are here: https://www.elegoo.com/download/.

There are a few things that got my attention:

  • Never download the Arduino IDE software from an other site. Use arduino.cc or the Microsoft Store. I hope you did not download the Arduino IDE from the elegoo website.
  • Lesson 1 should be how to use the serial monitor. Then you can send yourself information about digital inputs. Start here: Serial - Arduino Reference and try to send text to the serial monitor.
  • There is something about those buttons. I can never remember which pins I should use. I always use cross-opposite pins (e.g. lower-left and upper-right and leave the other pins unconnected) and check it with a multimeter. Perhaps you have such a problem with the button.

When you have a simple sketch with digitalRead(), as you can find here: digitalRead() - Arduino Reference then you can also send text to the serial monitor about the input.

Keep in mind that something can be damaged. It is possible to blow a single pin or a group of pins while the rest still works. Always use the serial monitor in your sketch and send a message in setup(), then you know that it is running.