Elegoo Smart Car 3.0

I just assembled the car. The Bluetooth works well. Then I uploaded the ultrasonic and infrared codes. When I switch on the car, the default mode is ultrasonic.
How can I switch to Bluetooth or infrared?


Did you download the tutorials?
[https://www.elegoo.com/tutorial/Elegoo%20Smart%20Robot%20Car%20Kit%20V3.0.2018.11.13.zip](http://"https://www.elegoo.com/tutorial/Elegoo Smart Robot Car Kit V3.0.2018.11.13.zip")

Lesson 0: Assemble The Car
Lesson 1: Make The Car Move
Lesson 2: Bluetooth Car
Lesson 3: Infrared Remote Control Car
Lesson 4: Obstacle Avoidance Car
Lesson 5: Line Tracking Car
Lesson 6: Integrated all functions

Sounds like you need to try some of those tutorials

Thanks, problem solved :slight_smile: